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Youth in Danger (01:39)


Every day in America, 33 children die from gun wounds, 2.5 million are arrested, and 1.5 million drop out of school. In Chicago, Luis Rodriguez guides neglected youth.

Your Turn to be a Father (01:19)

Luis Rodriguez shares his history as a parent; he sees his 20-year-old son struggling.

Sharing His Story (02:45)

Luis Rodriguez explains why he created a video diary. He discusses developing a low social value, his history of drug abuse, and his addiction to violence. See a group of men doing drugs.

Joining a Gang (01:16)

Luis Rodriguez discusses his gang initiation and stabbing a man.

Making a Major Change (01:10)

Luis Rodriguez discusses the effect of social changes during the 1970s.

A Revelation (02:24)

Luis Rodriguez recalls meeting the man he stabbed years before.

"Youth Struggling for Survival" (02:06)

Luis Rodriguez created a group that helps youth give back to the community and themselves. Group members share their stories and discuss the group's importance.

Reacting with Violence (02:26)

Ramiro, a member of Youth Struggling for Survival, and his mother share their family history of abuse.

Looking for Acceptance (01:58)

Ramiro recalls joining a gang; see a group of young men getting high. Joshua discusses his friendship with Ramiro. Luis Rodriguez discusses working with Joshua.

Plays Based on Real Life (02:32)

Joshua and fellow Youth Struggling for Survival members reenact issues they face in society and share their message with a group of students. (Graphic language)

Hidden Difficulties (02:08)

Luis Rodriguez discusses the difficulties that neighborhood youth face on a daily basis. Several of his son's friends stay at his house. Rodriguez shares his concerns about Ramiro.

Heroes of Descent (01:02)

Luis Rodriguez discusses the allure of gangs and youth growing up without true guidance.

A Heavy Loss (03:07)

Luis Rodriguez shares his grief over the death of 17-year-old Youth Struggling for Survival member, Marcos, and recalls their last conversation; see portions of the funeral.

Barrios Undidos Peace Summit (02:22)

A large group gathers in Santa Cruz, CA and prays for peace. Luis Rodriguez discusses the significance of the peace summit.

Worth Fighting For (02:01)

Ramiro Rodriguez reflects on his father's mission to help the youth struggling to survive. See images of Youth Struggling for Survival members enjoying life.

Some Time in Prison (02:18)

Luis Rodriguez takes Ramiro to serve his sentence for three attempted murders. Friends and family reflect on life's options and learning lessons.

Credits: Youth Struggling for Survival: Like Father, Like Son (01:13)

Credits: Youth Struggling for Survival: Like Father, Like Son

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Youth Struggling for Survival: Like Father, Like Son

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Nationally acclaimed writer and poet Luis Rodriguez tells the story of his personal journey and transformation from an East Los Angeles gang member to teacher and mentor to Chicago’s street kids. Rodriguez’ mission to save his son, Ramiro—a member of a Chicago street gang—from prison is also documented, along with their struggle to heal their relationship scarred by Luis’ past neglect of his son. (35 minutes)

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