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Youth in Danger (01:27)


Hear shocking statistics about the death and incarcerations of children in the United States and learn about the Detroit organization that was founded to increase public awareness and support families of murdered children, SOSAD (Save Our Sons and Daughters).

Death is Almost Fashionable (02:03)

Linda Barfield recalls her brother telling her he was going to die at 16. Clementine Barfield and her family gather around her son's grave. Linda and Clementine discuss creating SOSAD.

Making Peace Popular (03:04)

Clementine Barfield says kids know about violence, but haven't been taught about peace. Roger Barfield teaches schoolchildren about conflict resolution.

Joining SOSAD (01:34)

Clementine Barfield fights for a safer environment; her daughter, Linda, is proud. Marian Whatley discusses coming to peace with her son's murder.

City of Hopelessness (03:33)

Clementine Barfield discusses the loss of 30,000 community members in Detroit over the last 25 years. She recalls moving to Detroit in 1967 and the massive riots.

A Sense of Community (02:05)

Linda and Clementine Barfield discuss their Detroit neighborhood and the rationalization of violence.

Loss of a Loved One (02:57)

Roger Barfield describes being shot in the neck and his brother's murder; see hospital images. Linda and Clementine Barfield discuss their grief.

Tree Planting Ceremony (03:09)

SOSAD members gather in support of a woman who lost her son. Marian Whatley recalls meeting the mother for the first time and sharing their loss.

A Year of Loss (01:50)

A woman talks with Clementine Barfield about the loss of her three children within 259 days.

Creating a Peace Zone (01:54)

Clementine Barfield explains neighborhood peace zones. SOSAD members go door to door to encourage participation; they make children a priority.

Credits: Soul Survivors (01:15)

Credits: Soul Survivors

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After Clementine Barfield’s son was murdered, she founded the Save Our Sons And Daughters organization in Detroit to combat violence. Today, she counsels victims of violence and teaches children how to create a more peaceful world. Her organization sponsors rallies and peace walks, and holds classes to teach children how to resolve arguments by using nonviolent methods. Barfield’s door-to-door crusade against violence in neglected neighborhoods is documented by her daughter, Linda, who is also trying to cope with her brother’s death. (26 minutes)

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