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Rediscovering Religious Inheritance (02:27)


After decades of decline, Judaism is experiencing a revival; particularly in major cities. Rabbi Nudelmann discusses the willingness of Jews to carry out religious duties. Rabbi Gryn discusses the Fundamentalist Lubavitch Movement's motives.

Judaism Tradition is Dying (03:58)

Many different rulers have controlled Chernovtse; being Jewish here is not fashionable; synagogue attendance is low. Abu Ben Nunhaal discusses the poor attendance and lack of Rabbis.

Once a Thriving Jewish Community (02:31)

Decline of Judaism has happened in a single generation. Bronislav Tutelmann discusses the changes in Chernovtse and decline of Yiddish. An expert discusses history of hate and paranoia toward Jews.

Indirect Persecution (01:29)

Josef Burg recalls living under Stalin's rule; on August 12, 1952, prominent Jewish writers were shot.

Religious Instruction (03:43)

Israeli summer camps are common in the Ukraine and Russia. Rabbi Raish instructs students at a Jewish study center. The Talmud is the pinnacle of Jewish scholarship. Yuri Gershovitch discusses his progress. Many Russian Jews do not feel that Russia is their homeland; they long for Israel.

Choosing Between Country and Culture (01:56)

Anti-Semitism is again on the increase. During the last two years, 350,000 Jews have left for Israel; remaining Jews have to declare their nationality on their passport. Yeva Stolar discusses her decision to move to Israel.

Reacting to Identity Suppression (02:33)

Community members in Chernovtse commemorate the start of the Nazi horror; approximately 16,000 Jews were murdered. Judaism is viewed with cool detachment. Leona Finkel supports the center but only as part of the country's general culture.

Jewish Culture and Jewish Religion is One (02:16)

Chernovtse Jews seek help from other countries that have a strong Jewish culture; the city has been without a Rabbi for 30 years. Rabbi Nudelmann discusses lack of Jewish education.

Reclaiming Jewish Identity (02:17)

An expert discusses the current generation's search to connect with its heritage. Rabbi Gryn discusses Jewish migration to Israel. Israel cannot sufficiently cope with the influx in population.

Jews, An Easy Target (01:05)

Jews are once more being blamed for this country's troubles. An expert quotes lines about Zion.

Credits: Russian and Ukrainian Jews (01:02)

Credits: Russian and Ukrainian Jews

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Russian and Ukrainian Jews

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After decades of oppression, Judaism is experiencing a revival in these areas, aided by the Western and Israeli Jewish communities. This program shows some remarkable footage of worship in a Lubavitch synagogue in Moscow, which has attracted many young Jews to Orthodox Judaism. By contrast, in the Ukrainian town of Chernovtse, only one synagogue survives out of the 80 that existed less than 40 years ago. The program poignantly documents the last of the town’s aged practicing Jews. (30 minutes)

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