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Experiments on the Doppler Effect

Part of the Series : Experiment: Physics
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Detection of the Doppler effect—the frequency shift between source and receiver when they are traveling at different relative velocities—is common in everyday activities. In this program, students quantitatively examine this shift for sound waves from a source traveling at uniform speeds on an air track and a stationary receiver on the end of the track, and from a traveling receiver and a stationary source. The frequency shift is measured by displaying the sinusoidal signals from the source and the receiver on an oscilloscope and measuring the distance betweeen the maxima for each wave. The beats of different frequency from the source and receiver are also clearly heard on the soundtrack. The speed of the rider is measured by detectors on the track whose pulse output is also displayed on the oscilloscope. Students can also use their data to calculate the velocity of sound waves. (2 minutes)

Length: 2 minutes

Item#: BVL1080

Copyright date: ©1990

Reviews & Awards

"I would recommend this videocassette as a viable alternative for a school that does not have access to the necessary apparatus or does not have the time to carry out the actual experiment... The design of this classic experiment was well planned. It dealt with the many possible variables and minimized them, allowing for good results." —Journal of College Science Teaching

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