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Every week, over one million people around the world move from the country to the city. Some are drawn by their dreams for the future, others simply struggling to survive. They come in search of better jobs, better education, better infrastructure and resources—a better life, in short. But can all those dreams come true? This series is a voyage of discovery through the megacities of our new millennium. It shows us how people live, thrive and survive in these megalopolises, how they take the initiative to improve their lives and launch projects to shape their homes and neighborhoods. We meet slum-dwellers in Mumbai who build the first toilets for thousands of people, and even turn the rooftop of the restrooms into a school for their kids. We meet a young man in Sao Paulo who recruits kids off the street in the worst drug neighborhood in town, gets them to decorate the streets with him and keeps them away from the gangs, or a retired woman lawyer who fights to preserve the last bit of green in a city.

Length: 168 minutes

Item#: BVL56499

ISBN: 978-0-81609-642-8

Copyright date: ©2013

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