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Introduction: Episode 4: Poultry Pals (02:19)


This segment orients viewers to the topics Lisa Steele will cover in this episode.

Lavender Orpington (02:20)

Violet is Steele's most popular chicken on social media. Steele discusses the orpington breed.

Oysters (04:10)

Raymond Young demonstrates how to shuck an oyster and Steele tries a raw one for the first time. At the farm, Steele demonstrates how to prepare an oyster shell supplement for chickens.

French Toulouse (02:10)

Steele discusses adding geese to her flock and bird characteristics. Claudette is a mother goose to three goslings.

Gardening (02:28)

Steele tends the garden patch after a recent tilling and allows the chickens to search through the soil. Steele plants corn, radishes, melon, squash, and other seeds.

Indian Runner Duck and White Peking (04:04)

Steele discusses duck breed characteristics. She introduces viewers to Fern and Gregory and discusses their behavior.

Cloud Eggs (02:39)

Follow along as Steele prepares eggs in a unique way for a fun breakfast alternative.

Aromatic Herbs (02:28)

Steele grows an herb garden specifically for her chickens; she uses most of the herbs in their nesting boxes.

Splash Maran (02:15)

Steele introduces viewers to Miranda, her friendliest chicken, and discusses breed characteristics.

Credits: Episode 4: Poultry Pals (Welcome to My Farm, Season 1) (01:51)

Credits: Episode 4: Poultry Pals (Welcome to My Farm, Season 1)

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Episode 4: Poultry Pals (Welcome to My Farm, Season 1)

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