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Harry S. Truman (02:13)


Truman was favored to lose the election to Republican Thomas Dewey. The Dixiecrat Party entered the election cycle and Henry Wallace launched a progressive party. Truman delivered a televised barnburner acceptance speech.

"1948 DNC Acceptance": Economy (05:31)

Truman vows he and Alben Barkley will win the presidential election. The people know the Democratic Party is the people's party; it brings confidence and security. Truman cites farming, labor, and income statistics.

"1948 DNC Acceptance": Foreign Policy (02:26)

The U.S. has permanently turned away from isolationism and must accept leadership responsibilities in international affairs. The removal of trade barriers is the best asset for peace. Partisanship should not be a part of foreign policy.

"1948 DNC Acceptance": 80th Congress (11:29)

Truman shares his perspective on Republican philosophy. He cites examples of legislation inaction including price control, housing, labor management, minimum wage, education, social security, health care, civil rights, and tax relief. Truman criticizes the Republican's platform.

"1948 DNC Acceptance": Call to Action (05:00)

Truman will call Congress back into session and ask it to pass several bills that address concepts outlined in the Republican platform plus more. Truman and Barkley will not allow the 80th Congress to dodge responsibility. Truman compares 1932 to 1948.

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President Harry S Truman delivers a fiery address in acceptance of his party's nomination for the 1948 Presidential Election

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