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John Roberts: Background and Accomplishments (02:18)


John Roberts, recently appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, gave one of the season's most entertaining commencement speeches. His sense of humor and rhetorical skill were evident as he called for limiting divisiveness on the Court.

John Roberts: Georgetown Law School Address (15:00)

John Roberts delivers the commencement address at Georgetown Law School shortly following his confirmation as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

John Murtha: Background and Accomplishments (02:51)

The country was divided over the Iraq war when hawkish Democratic military expert John Murtha called for bringing the troops home. His logically structured arguments are made more powerful by the ethical appeal of a decorated war veteran.

John Murtha: "Time to Leave Iraq" Speech (16:39)

On November 17, 2005, during a press conference, Representative John Murtha calls forcefully for an end to U.S. military involvement in Iraq, setting off a firestorm of opposition to the war.

Jean Rohe: Biography and Accomplishments (03:04)

Student Jean Rohe disagreed with the choice of John McCain as commencement speaker at The New School. In her speech she attacked him using his own words. She closely identifies with her audience, reminding them to speak truth to power.

Jean Rohe: "Standing Up to Power" Speech (05:37)

22-year-old student Jean Rohe delivers a graduation speech at The New School attacking fellow commencement speaker Senator John McCain.

John McCain: Background and Accomplishments (03:00)

John McCain's political calculations regarding this speech are unknown. If he was trying to appeal to moderates and liberals, his failure to adapt the speech to this audience deserves criticism. Some say the goal was solidifying conservative support.

John McCain: 2006 New School Commencement Address (24:06)

Presidential hopeful Senator John McCain delivers a commencement address at The New School in New York City.

Richard Nixon: Background and Accomplishments (02:42)

Richard Nixon's promise to end the Vietnam War helped propel him to the presidency. He uses his inaugural to address the divisions facing the nation, using soaring, inspiring language to reveal a vision of a better future. It is a well-crafted speech.

Richard Nixon: First Inaugural Address (17:23)

President Richard Nixon delivers his first inaugural address on January 20, 1969.

Credits: Great Speeches, Volume 21: John Roberts, John Murtha, Jean Rohe, John McCain, and Richard Nixon (00:11)

Credits: Great Speeches, Volume 21: John Roberts, John Murtha, Jean Rohe, John McCain, and Richard Nixon

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Great Speeches, Volume 21: John Roberts, John Murtha, Jean Rohe, John McCain, and Richard Nixon

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This video features five key speeches: John Roberts' Georgetown Law School commencement address; John Murtha's "Time to Leave Iraq" speech; Jean Rohe's "Standing Up to Power" speech; John McCain's New School commencement address; and Richard Nixon's first inaugural address. (90 minutes)

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