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Malcolm X, a Controversial Leader (02:20)


Malcolm X was a fiery orator. Born Malcom Little, he joined the Islamic nation in 1946 while in prison. In 1964,he formed the Organization of Afro-American Unity. Malcom X used tough rhetoric to arouse his supporters.

Malcolm X: "Democracy is Hypocrisy" (05:43)

Malcolm X's passionate delivery of "Democracy is Hypocrisy" arouses feelings of injustice in his black supporters.

Naomi Wolf, Affable Poet and Lecturer (02:07)

A graduate from Oxford University, Naomi Wolf was a popular spokesperson on women's issues. In a 2000 speech delivered at Scripps College, she used charm to capture the goodwill of her audience.

Naomi Wolf's Scripps Commencement (22:44)

Naomi Wolf outlines three characteristics of ethical leadership during her speech at Scripps College.

Al Gore, a Bid for Presidency (02:21)

Al Gore grew up on a farm in Tennessee. He graduated Harvard in 1969, and enlisted in the Army. He rose through political ranks, becoming Vice President in 1992. Gore offered assurance the nation in his 2000 concession speech.

Al Gore's Presidential Concession Speech (06:48)

On December 13, 2000, Vice President Al Gore concedes the presidency to George W. Bush.

George W. Bush, Oil Tycoon to President (02:16)

George W. Bush was born in Texas in 1946. A graduate of Yale and Harvard, he amassed great wealth in the oil industry. Bush rose through political ranks to the presidency. His well-written speech, steeped in tradition, made up for his lack of oratory skill.

George W. Bush's First Inaugural Address (14:31)

George W. Bush addresses the nation for the first time as president in 2000. He discusses national healing and bipartisan cooperation.

George W. Bush's 9/11 Speech to Congress (34:59)

On September 30, 2001, George W. Bush addresses Congress and the nation to calm its citizens and clarify his policy on international terrorism.

Ronald Reagan, the Great Communicator (02:42)

Ronald Reagan's public career started as a radio host. He became a television star and eventually president. During the Gold Water Campaign fundraiser, Reagan painted a verbal picture of an immoral and incompetent government.

Ronald Reagan: "A Time for Choosing" (27:12)

Ronald Reagan's patriotic speech preaches against the government. He uses statistics and anecdotes in a speech that launches his run for presidency 16 years later.

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Great Speeches, Volume 16: Malcolm X, Naomi Wolf, Al Gore, George W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan

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This volume features six key speeches: Malcolm X's "Democracy is Hypocrisy" speech; Naomi Wolf's Scripps College commencement address; Al Gore's presidential concession speech; George W. Bush's first inaugural address; Ronald Reagan's "A Time for Choosing" speech; and George W. Bush's "9/11" speech to Congress. (142 minutes)

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