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Lou Gehrig: Legendary Speech (02:04)


One of the greatest ballplayers of all time, Lou Gehrig was forced to leave baseball because of a muscle disease called ALS. He said goodbye to baseball on July 4, 1939, with a short but heartfelt speech.

Babe Ruth: Farewell to Baseball (00:54)

Babe Ruth is considered the greatest home run hitters in the history of baseball. As a Yankee, he became the most popular and recognizable sports figure in the world. In this speech, he struggles with throat cancer.

Bill Clinton (02:44)

The economy prospered under Bill Clinton, but he was the most investigated President in history. He said goodbye to his party in dramatic fashion. His speech at the 2000 DNC is considered one of his best speeches.

Bill Clinton: Farewell to Democratic Party (40:28)

In this 2000 speech before the DNC, Clinton bids farewell to the Democratic Party and summarizes his two terms in office. His arguments are rife with statistics. His closing is emotional and personal.

Colin Powell (01:55)

Colin Powell began his military career in 1958. He served two tours in Vietnam and achieved general status in 1989. President George H. W. Bush named him Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Powell delivers a compelling speech in 2000.

Colin Powell's 2000 RNC Keynote Address (29:18)

In Colin Powell's 2000 RNC address, he focuses on his candidate's primary issue--education. Additionally, he tries to move his party closer to the concerns of black Americans.

Elizabeth Dole (02:27)

Elizabeth Dole established herself as a career woman early on and earned a reputation as an outstanding motivational speaker.

Elizabeth Dole: Duke University Commencement Address (26:07)

Elizabeth Dole delivers the commencement address to the first graduating class in the new millennium. She personalizes her address through self-deprecating humor and recounts youthful experiences to connect with her Duke audience.

Huey Long: Demagogue (02:00)

Black Monday was followed by an economic depression unlike any other. Americans looked for leaders with solutions. Conditions were ideal for the rise of a demagogue like Huey Long, who championed "Share the Wealth."

Huey Long: "Share the Wealth" Speech (04:21)

Huey Long's addresses are notable for his expansive bombastic gestures and hyperbole. He relies on analogies to prove his case. Viewers will enjoy Long's humorous exaggerated descriptions of the rich. In this speech, he argues that income for the wealthy should cap at $3-5 million per year.

Credits: Great Speeches, Volume 15: Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Bill Clinton, Colin Powell, Elizabeth Dole, and Huey Long (00:07)

Credits: Great Speeches, Volume 15: Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Bill Clinton, Colin Powell, Elizabeth Dole, and Huey Long

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Great Speeches, Volume 15: Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Bill Clinton, Colin Powell, Elizabeth Dole, and Huey Long

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This video features six historic speeches: Lou Gehrig's farewell to baseball; Babe Ruth's farewell to baseball; Bill Clinton's farewell to the Democratic Party; Colin Powell's 2000 RNC keynote address; Elizabeth Dole's Duke University commencement address; and Huey Long's "Share the Wealth" speech. (114 minutes)

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