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Introduction: Physical and Cognitive Treatment (01:44)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of complementary treatment modalities for pain management. Practitioners must be able to educate patients about the use and efficacy of a wide range of interventions.

Physical Treatment Modalities (01:30)

Invasive physical therapies include anesthetic and neurosurgical interventions and are generally reserved for intractable pain. Noninvasive therapies include application of heat, cold, touch, massage, exercise, meditation, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

Noninvasive Therapies: Heat (05:19)

Heat therapy is one of the most common treatments; it promotes vasodilation. Therapies can be delivered using dry, moist, or deep heating methods. Learn conditions of use and contraindications.

Noninvasive Therapies: Cold/Cryotherapy (03:59)

Cold therapy reduces blood flow to the local area, slowing nerve conduction and causing vasoconstriction. Learn conditions of use and contraindications. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation may contribute to the healing process. Alternating heat and cold therapies could be beneficial for some patients.

Noninvasive Therapies: TENS (03:07)

The transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit delivers electrical impulses through electrodes. Learn conditions of use, where TENDS should not be applied, and contraindications; vibration is an alternative.

Noninvasive Therapies: Massage (01:19)

Pain relief can occur via several mechanisms. Learn conditions of use and advantages of massage therapy.

Noninvasive Therapies: Various (03:24)

Other therapeutic interventions include acupuncture, immobilization, therapeutic exercise, mobilization and manipulation, and supportive devices. Reflexology, Reiki therapy, and therapeutic touch require special training.

Cognitive-Behavior Approaches (04:38)

CBT is the prevailing psychological treatment for those with chronic pain or cancer. It focuses on changing patient thoughts about pain and their conditions. Therapies include biofeedback, distraction, and relaxation. Today, practitioners use a multidimensional, multidisciplinary approach to pain management.

Credits: Physical and Cognitive Treatment (00:29)

Credits: Physical and Cognitive Treatment

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Physical and Cognitive Treatment

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Focusing on non-pharmacological approaches to pain management, this program presents an overview of complementary medicine. It discusses the differences between invasive and non-invasive modalities; presents specific techniques, such as hot and cold, TENS, massage, and vibration; and reviews cognitive-behavioral therapies related to pain management.

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