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Mr. Long Yunsong

Part of the Series : The Anti-Japanese War Veterans
3-Year Streaming Price: $169.95



Long Yunsong is a veteran of the KMT and an ordinary Chinese expeditionary force. He has been living in silence and unwilling to talk about his heroic past. As an octogenarian, he looks back on his life in front of the video camera. He has joined the army, fought in the north and the south. His ex-wife has remarried. He has fought in the Songshan Battle, and received the Japanese surrender, etc. However, the hero of the past is sick and lonely in old age, without anything to rely on. He never understands why he has become a counterrevolutionary and army riffraff when he had fought the Japanese. He still wants to be recognized by the state in his later years. In the end, will his wish really come true before he dies?

Length: 58 minutes

Item#: BVL240149

Copyright date: ©2015

Reviews & Awards

“It’s a great documentary with great subject. The director is good at telling stories and capturing details.” Wu Liu, Douban reviewer “It’s a very rare work, showing the life and twists of an ordinary person in the current of history.” Zhu Zai Fei, Douban reviewer

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