Titles in this Series

J. S. Bach

Item #: 237688

G.F. Handel

Item #: 237689

W. A. Mozart

Item #: 237690

L. van Beethoven

Item #: 237691

F. Chopin

Item #: 237692

E. Grieg

Item #: 237693

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Classical Destinations: The Great Composers (Series 1)

The Series Includes : J. S. Bach | G.F. Handel | W. A. Mozart | L. van Beethoven | F. Chopin | E. Grieg
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The great cities and towns of Europe and the UK, form the backdrops for the stories of the world’s greatest classical composers. This unique TV series showcases the most compressive list of Classical composers ever seen on TV. We travel to some of the most stunning global destinations, steeped in rich history and engaging stories and of course the much-loved music that was birthed there. Where we delve into the lives and times of these composers. Each episode journeys to the many cities and towns where the composer worked, lived and wrote their extraordinary music.

Length: 360 minutes

Item#: BVL237687

ISBN: 979-8-88678-662-0

Copyright date: ©2020

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