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Introduction: Real Power (01:06)


In the "Becoming Human" series tech expert Chua Enlai investigates advances in artificial intelligence. He covers how different technology currently affects our lives and could in the future.

America and A.I. (08:25)

DARPA handles and funds the use and research of A.I. in the United States. Silicon Valley has become the center of the American tech industry by making commercial products. Many tech companies work with the American military.

China's A.I. Vision (14:00)

The Chinese government created a plan to be the world's A.I. leader by 2030. China has been piloting the idea of smart cities. An A.I. university has opened in Chongqing and further A.I. focused schools are planned.

Only A.I. Need Apply (13:32)

Many are worried A.I. advancements will harm or change the human workforce. Countries with strong social welfare programs, like Sweden, are less worried. A.I. can also increase the workforce by allowing more people with disabilities to work.

Singapore and A.I. (09:32)

Tech companies in smaller nations seek to amplify their relevance in the A.I. world and compete for talent. The government hopes the plan to make Singapore a smart nation will attract talent back from various markets.

Credits: Real Power (00:32)

Credits: Real Power

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Real Power

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Who will have real power over artificial intelligence? Chua Enlai examines the pursuit of A.I. in America, China, Sweden and Singapore.

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