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Ancient Temples and Burial Tombs (08:07)


The Temple of Philae is the only one of the ancient Egyptian temples to have been completely relocated, stone by stone. It was originally located on Philae Island, but due to the construction of the Aswan Dam, the island is now flooded for 10 months out of every 12. The temples and other structures on the island were either partially or fully submerged by water for most of the year.

The Cult of Isis (07:48)

The Temple of Isis is a beautiful temple located on Philae Island. It is dedicated to the goddess Isis and is decorated with scenes of worship and offerings.

Philae Temple and Kom Ombo (15:13)

The Philae Temple is a marvel of ancient Egyptian architecture and is one of the country's most popular tourist sites. The Kom Ombo Temple is also a popular tourist site, and is dedicated to the cults of two gods, Horus and Sobek. Ramesses II was a great warrior and conqueror who had many monuments erected throughout the country. His name is engraved in many temples, including those of other pharaohs.

Reconstruction of the Ramesseum (06:56)

Ramesses II was a great pharaoh who had a great temple complex built called the Ramesseum. This complex had a number of hypostyle halls, and the columns and architraves within them were decorated with color. Here we find references to the cult of Amon.

Karnak Temple Complex (05:08)

The Karnak Temple Complex is a large religious complex located in Luxor, Egypt. It is made up of a number of temples, which are grouped into three separate enclosures. The complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ancestral Inscriptions (05:12)

The Hypostyle Hall at Karnak is a huge hall with lots of space for text. The inscriptions on the columns recount the sagas and exploits of several pharaohs.

Credits (02:55)


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In this third part of the documentary, we visit the temple of Philae, which was dedicated to the goddess Isis. Its construction was begun by one of the last pharaohs of Egypt, Nectanebo I, which explains why it is among the best-preserved sites. Kôm Ombo or "temple to the two deities", displays an atypical structure. It is divided into two parts, one was dedicated to the god Sobek and the other to the god Horus. The Ramesseum, the funerary temple of Ramses II, houses the king's great seated colossus, which still lies shattered among the temple ruins.

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