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Egypt's First Missionaries (04:39)


The first missionaries to ancient Egypt were religious groups who traveled to the south of the country in the 16th and 17th centuries. The first to come were the Jesuits with Father Francois. They discovered Thebes.

Scientific Expeditions (03:25)

Champollion was the first to decipher the hieroglyphs and to understand the Egyptian writing system. He was followed by other important scientists, such as Lepsius. The War of the Councils led to the creation of great European museums, such as the British Museum.

French Influence on Egyptian Archaeology (04:16)

The French have been a big part of Egyptian archaeology since its inception and continue to do so today. They've also been a part of the French School of Cairo, which has educated many of the world's top Egyptologists.

Luxor Temple (05:13)

Luxor Temple is a temple dedicated to the divine triad of Thebes (Amun, Mut, and Khons). It was built by Amenhotep III and later modified by Ramesses II. It is an example of a classical temple plan.

Ramesses II (07:53)

Ramesses II was a great theologian who preserved the traditional religions while working to develop a religion without borders based on his own person. He adorned the temples of the great gods of the empire with splendor and bestowed a similar splendor on temples and cults to gods all over.

Luxor Temple (04:47)

The Luxor Temple is a temple in Luxor, Egypt, built by Amenhotep III and dedicated to the god Amun.

Egypt's Goddess Hathor (02:34)

The Hathor temple at Dendera is an ancient Egyptian temple dedicated to the goddess Hathor. It is one of the best preserved and most well decorated temples of the Ptolemaic era.

Dendera Temple (05:45)

The temple of Dendera was built in the fifth century AD, and contains many ancient tombs and hieroglyphs. It is unique in that it possesses neither a monumental pylon nor a porticoed courtyard, and the facade is topped by a cornice.

The Crypts (03:52)

Crypts, small-sized decorated rooms reserved for priests, were used to store divine and sacred objects, the treasures of the temple, religious materials, and archives.

Credits (04:03)


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For nearly three millennia, the Nile Valley has been home to one of the most brilliant civilizations in history. In part I of this documentary, we explore Denderah, the extraordinarily well-preserved site decorated with religious bas-reliefs. It is known to be the temple of the God Hathor. We also visit the temple of Luxor, dedicated to the worship of the God Amon. The oldest parts date back to Amenhotep III and Ramses II.

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