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Reconstruction of the Ruins (02:09)


The Luxor temple was originally dedicated to the god Amon, but during the Opet festival, the god would travel from the Karnak temple to the Luxor temple. The temple of Ramesses III was originally constructed well before the last great wall of Karnak, so it was located outside the religious complex.

The Temple of Ramesses III (03:46)

The temple of Ramesses III is being reconstructed and scientists are trying to figure out how life proceeded in these places in order to better understand them.

Egyptian Monument Reassembly (06:40)

The open-air museum is positioned along the northwest axis of the great wall of Karnak. This space is dedicated to the reassembly and restoration of monuments.

Karnak: Chronology of Construction (05:47)

The building was constructed in several stages, and recent research has determined that its construction and ornamentation chronology is more complex than initially thought. The research is being carried out to better understand the inscriptions on the columns in the hall.

Festivals of the Karnak Gods (05:51)

The Amon Temple at Karnak was a place where believers could visit a god. Two important festivals are tied to the god Amon of Karnak - the Festival of the Valleys and the Opet Festival.

The Karnak Temple Enclosure (03:29)

The Ptah temple is located to the north of the Great Amon Temple on the border of the brick enclosure wall. The temple itself was constructed during the New Empire under Thutmosis III.

The Karnak Temple (07:11)

The Ptah temple is being excavated and studied to gain a better understanding of its history and how it relates to other temples in the area.

Restoration of Karnak (04:38)

The Temple of Karnak is being restored and a study of the temple has been undertaken in order to present an epigraphic series covering a large portion of Karnak's history.

Layout of Karnak Temple Interior (00:00)

The Karnak Temple Complex is a large religious site in Egypt that is dedicated to the god Amon. The complex is made up of a number of different temples, halls, and other structures, and is considered to be one of the most important religious sites in the country.

The Karnak Complex (03:07)

Karnak is a temple complex in Egypt that is a World Heritage Site. It is the largest religious center in ancient Egypt and has been modified and rebuilt many times throughout its history.

Credits (02:57)


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The Temple of Karnak, located 3 kilometers north of Luxor, is undoubtedly the most gigantic site of Pharaonic Egypt. Dating back 4,700 years, and begun during the New Kingdom, it remains the largest religious structure ever built in the world. Karnak was not just a temple, but a real religious complex; a city of several thousand people. At its height, the temple was actually reserved only for clergy, laymen were not permitted to enter.

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