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Claiming Power: Introduction (01:39)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of voter restriction in the United States and women of color in politics. (Credits)

She the People Summit (02:19)

In September 2018, Rashida Tlaib speaks at the national gathering for women of color in politics. Nse Ufot and Tlaib discuss voter turnout.

Congressional Candidates (02:12)

Veronica Escobar believes the country is craving new leadership and unity. Lucy McBath makes phone calls and reflects on the role of race.

Voting and the New Georgia Project (02:39)

Maria Elena Durazo is running for the California State Senate. She discusses demographics and voter mobilization. Ufot discusses suing the Georgia Secretary of State and voter registration.

"Care in Action" (03:53)

Senator Nikema Williams and Mijente Director Tania Unzueta discuss people of color and politics. Asians for Abrams members discuss supporting Stacey Abrams and the new majority. The group canvasses neighborhoods. See a Brian Kemp campaign ad.

Georgia Advancing Progress PAC (02:51)

Approximately 11.1% of voters in the United States are Asian American. Cam Ashling discusses reaching low propensity voters; she canvasses a neighborhood and attempts to take a voter to the polls.

Voting Challenges (03:38)

Exact match and voter ID difficulties disproportionately affect people of color. Secretary of State Kemp is also the Chief Elections Officer; he significantly reduces voter rolls. A woman describes her voting experience. Abrams addresses constituents.

Mijente (03:04)

Volunteers canvass neighborhoods and hold a "textathon" in support of Abrams. Unzueta reflects on the impact of undocumented immigrant rhetoric. Kemp and Abrams participate in a debate.

Latino Community (02:53)

Escobar supporters board a bus in El Paso and travel to the border; a border agent asks each person if they are a U.S. citizen. A border wall dehumanizes the Latino community. Escobar's mother reflects on division.

Voter Engagement (05:56)

Some people of color feel voting is a waste of time. Abrams discusses voter suppression; the congressional race against Kemp is close. Early voting starts in October; voters encounter challenges.

Voter Suppression (02:30)

Senior citizens board a Black Voters Matter tour bus to go to the polls; the bus gets stopped and the bus company refuses further service. Experts discuss suppression in Georgia. See a Kemp campaign ad.

Gun Sense in America (03:17)

Fred Guttenberg shares his story with members of Moms Demand Action. McBath attends a sermon on hope and faith before meeting churchgoers.

Increasing Voter Turnout (03:20)

Some Georgia businesses continue the tradition of closing at noon on Wednesdays. Rev. Ezekiel Holley discusses voter registration. Latohsa Brown reflects on creating a coalition.

Gubernatorial Candidates (04:41)

Kemp addresses constituents at a campaign rally. Abrams reflects on her political journey. Four days before the November elections, Oprah Winfrey speaks at an Abrams rally.

Election Day (08:18)

Abrams inspires members of the Latino community. Voters wait in long lines and experience problems; many are forced to vote provisionally. Abrams and her campaign staff discuss "Scenario Z."

Election Day: Results (03:52)

Escobar and Durazo win their respective seats. Outstanding votes leave McBath and Abrams waiting to learn the victors; results remain uncertified two days later. Ufot expresses disappointment to the Fulton County Board of Elections.

Vote Discrepancy and Vote Count (05:26)

Volunteers contact voters, urging them to check the status of their votes and address any discrepancies. Groups fight for all votes to be counted and protest at the state capital; police arrest Mary Hooks and Williams.

Abrams' Concession (02:33)

Ten days after the election, Abrams realizes she cannot successfully challenge the election, but she does challenge the process. She reflects on the impact of her campaign.

Female Politicians (02:58)

In 2019, Durazo, Tlaib, and Escobar take the oath of office for their respective positions; they reflect on their journeys. McBath is excited to be part of "a new wave of democracy."

Political Responsibilities (05:16)

Corporate greed is a major problem in Michigan; Tlaib listens to her constituents. In the summer of 2019, Patrick Crusius goes on a shooting rampage in El Paso. Escobar and Tlaib challenge presidential rhetoric. Tlaib reflects on hate.

Faces of Leadership (07:02)

Bushra Amiwala runs for a seat on the Skokie School District Board of Education; Abrams is an inspiration. Abrams reflects on her responsibilities and leadership. Durazo discusses the importance of organizing. Female leaders want to build a better future.

Credits: Claiming Power (01:11)

Credits: Claiming Power

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As a movement of candidates and organizers inspire voters to turn out for the 2018 midterm elections, voter suppression in Georgia casts a shadow on Stacey Abrams’ history-making run for governor.

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