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Singapore, Asia (04:17)


Architects should think about the environment before designing a building. Professor William Chen aims to eliminate bulky packaging by making a biodegradable cling film from soybean waste. Researchers grind cellulose into a fine powder and add water.

United Arab Emirates (02:55)

BluePhin is an aquatic robot designed to collect floating waste in commercial water bodies. Irfan Vakkayil and Anand Parambil want BluePhin to have decision-making capabilities; they want to live in a litter-free environment.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (03:31)

Zuraina Zaharin describes the inspiration behind an eco-friendly toilet that uses zero energy and water. Microorganisms break down the waste and transform it into liquid fertilizer. Eco-Loo is sold in over 21 countries and the company is currently developing a commercial version for schools.

South Africa (03:31)

Approximately 90% of krill, anchovies, and herring are processed into fishmeal at fisheries. Jason Drew invents a natural alternative by breeding flies and selling the remains to farmers. AgriProtein grows 90,000 pounds a year of larvae protein.

New Delhi, India (03:57)

Monish Siripurapu reimagines a cooling system to provide relief from India's heat. Air conditioners contribute to global climate change by releasing gases into the atmosphere. The Beehive traps hot air in clay pots and cools it with dripping water.

Los Angeles, California (04:39)

Being stuck in traffic is lost time. Hyperloop Transportation is a team of 800 experts determined to create railroads as fast as airplanes using magnetic levitation. Dirk Ahlborn incorporates solar panels to provide a renewable source of energy.

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Around the globe, people are working on green solutions to better our world, applying innovation to solve some of the biggest environmental challenges we face. These eco-enthusiasts are proving green inspiration can spark from everywhere around us, drawing from the past, the future or even from the top of a mountain. Meet eco-inventors as they reveal their light bulb moments that led them to their green revolution.

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