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Guerilla Geographer (05:00)


Environmentalists want to change the world for the better. Daniel Raven-Ellisøn campaigns for a national park city in London. Students from Queen Mary University photograph urban wildlife at Mile End Park.

Biomimicry LA (04:09)

Colin Mangham examines environmental strategies from nature. Apeel Sciences extends the shelf life of produce; one-third to half of all fruits and vegetables end up in landfills. James Rodgers examines the chemical compound that plants use for self-protection.

Garden and Landscape Center (04:40)

Approximately three billion people rely on fish as their main source of protein. In Stockholm, 79 and Park optimizes the use of sunlight. Cheong Koon Hean traces the Housing and Development Board to the beginning of Singapore's Independence; Richard Tan hopes to replace destroyed plants.

Abu Dhabi, UAE (04:35)

Children are addressing environmental issues in their communities. Abdul Muqeet makes bags from newspapers and magazines. Approximately 100,000 marine animals die from eating plastic bags and trash in the ocean.

Cape Town, South Africa (04:28)

People want to conserve the things they love. At Tabletop Mountain Park, the Indian and Atlantic Oceans converge. Kerry Sink protects marine biodiversity by establishing and monitoring protection zones.

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In major cities across the world, creative minds are tackling some of modern society’s toughest issues. Going Green spans the globe to meet these “inspired environmentalists” and see how their bold, inventive ideas are improving lives through architecture, agriculture and the strengthening of fragile eco-systems.

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