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Lockerbie, Scotland (05:57)


Ingenuity, innovation, and an ability to grow crops are necessary to fix environmental issues in modern society. Toby McCartney creates a stronger asphalt, made from one-time-use plastic bottles and bags. In India, pickers gather trash and light it on fire.

Kenya, East Africa (03:48)

Zeddy Rotich uses a biogas stove to cook. Cow dung mixed with water creates fuel and fertilizer for a coffee farm, reducing costs.

Beijing, China (04:25)

Alesca Life renovates unused shipping containers and parking structures into urban farms. Stuart Oda is a former investment banker who develops new technologies for the agricultural industry. Growing localized food is more efficient and requires less logistics.

Dubai, UAE (03:24)

Adaptive plants consume more water. Kamelia Bin Zaal uses indigenous plants in her landscape design, saving 50% of water usage. Challenges include slow production and re-educating clients to consider local foliage beautiful.

Mauritius, East Africa (04:39)

The tourism industry places the dolphin population at risk. Shakti Teker works for the Mauritius Marine Conservation Society, protecting aquatic mammals and educating tourists. Green advocates discuss their hopes for the future.

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Going Green: Part 6

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Planet Earth is a wonder to behold: beautiful, fascinating, life-sustaining—but also, increasingly, under threat. All over the globe, people are innovating sustainable solutions to help our world. From the forests of Kenya, to the deserts of Dubai; from plastics to produce, and saving ocean life—meet five incredible people sharing their stories of Going Green.

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