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China's Science Revolution: Episode 1

Part of the Series : China's Science Revolution
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One of the greatest problems facing society today is how to feed a population set to reach ten billion by 2050. We will need to produce as much food in the next thirty years as we have done in all human history. This is the story of three scientists in China who are pushing new frontiers in farming to rise to this challenge. From the genetic editing of crops, to improve their disease resistance and prolong produce shelf life, to increasing the diversity of crops grown inside space saving vertical farms, their work is already having an impact on food production around the world. And through the surprising application of big data and artificial intelligence pig farming is also being transformed; as algorithms regulate feeding and monitor animal health, to guard against diseases such as Swine Flu.

Length: 22 minutes

Item#: BVL207286

Copyright date: ©2019

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