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Domestic Terrorism (04:04)


Law enforcement, first responders, families, and victims discuss their memories of the Oklahoma City bombings. Baylee Almon attends a daycare in the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

Bomb Explosion (03:14)

At 8:58 AM, a Ryder truck parks on the street in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. The explosion causes Amy Downs to fall three floors. First responders drive to the scene.

Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building (05:24)

Law enforcement officers leave a golf competition in Shawnee. Downs recalls being trapped under rubble; Chris Fields and firefighters attempt to reach the scene. People initially believe natural gas caused the explosion.

First Responders (03:50)

Aren Almon-Kok searches for her daughter who was in the daycare center when the explosion occurred. Downs feels her life is in danger. Fields receives a critical infant.

Oklahoma City Bombing Investigations (03:12)

The FBI searches for evidence in the debris of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Baylee Almon's pediatrician reveals that children have been diverted from St. Anthony's.

Second Device (03:01)

Bob Ricks orders an emergency evacuation in the middle of the rescue mission. Downs believes she is about to die and begins to sing. The second bomb turns out to be a SCUD missile display.

Rescue Efforts (03:33)

A trauma surgeon discusses a possible amputation. The FBI realizes that a truck was necessary to detonate the bomb. Almon-Kok learns that Baylee has died.

Explosion Site (04:10)

Firefighters rescue Downs from the rubble. Ricks gives a press conference about the identity of the suspect. Search dogs look for survivors at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

One Day After the Bombing (03:11)

Almon-Kok sees the picture of Fields with Baylee in the newspaper. Ricks tracks Timothy McVeigh to the Dreamland Motel. Downs learns that 18 of 33 of her coworkers died in the explosion.

Two Days After the Bombing (02:25)

The FBI learns that McVeigh is in jail after Charlie Hanger pulled him over by for a missing license plate. Evidence found at the Dreamland Motel leads law enforcement to Terry Nichols.

Bombing Closure (06:08)

Almon-Kok thanks Fields for holding Baylee. The "Oklahoma Standard" movement begins; volunteers do laundry, cook food, and make beds for first responders. McVeigh is executed and Nichols serves a life sentence without parole.

Credits: Oklahoma City Bombing (00:35)

Credits: Oklahoma City Bombing

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Oklahoma City Bombing

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What began as a calm spring morning in Oklahoma City erupted into the largest terrorist act our country had ever experienced. The truck bomb left by Timothy McVeigh at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building killed 168 people.

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