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Space Shuttle Challenger (04:10)


The "Teacher in Space" program changes the crew. Dick Scobee is mission commander and asks John Casper to be the family escort. The rocket drains back fuel, preventing the launch at Cape Canaveral.

Second Launch Attempt (02:51)

A malfunctioning hatch and cold temperatures thwarts the Challenger mission. NASA challenges the recommendation to delay launching because of the "Teacher in Space" program. Scobee informs his friends and family to return home.

Challenger Final Launch Preparations (03:59)

Icicles threaten the thermal protection of the rocket. Scobee tells his wife that the mission will commence and that he loves her. Staff is informed that the ice on the external tank is within guidelines.

Challenger Explosion (05:24)

Families arrive at the Kennedy Space Center; Allan McDonald worries that the O-rings will leak. Students from McAuliffe's school celebrate the launch. The Challenger explodes after liftoff.

Family Reactions (04:50)

Everyone stares in shock and bewilderment at the explosion. The shuttle crew includes Scobee, Michael J. Smith, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Judith Resnik, Gregory Jarvis, and McAuliffe. Caspar escorts the families to crew quarters.

NASA Reaction (03:52)

The launch director announces the assembly of a team at Huntsville; data will remain confidential. Scobee writes a note dictating why space flight is important.

Site Investigation (02:10)

NASA examines debris from the Challenger explosion. President George Bush arrives at Kennedy Space Station. Caspar flies to Houston with the families.

One Day After the Explosion (03:14)

Jay Greene gives a press conference. Two rocket boosters on the Space Shuttle Challenger have three joints that are sealed with rubber O-Rings.

Three Days After the Explosion (02:35)

President Ronald Regan eulogizes the Challenger crew at a memorial service at Johnson Space Center. A presidential commission on the Challenger accident forms.

Thirteen Days After the Explosion (04:39)

The Roger's Commission commences an emergency meeting to discuss the Challenger accident; they discover one of the contractors suggested postponing the launch. Morton Thiokol fires Allan McDonald after he testifies. On March 7th, the USS Preserver discovers the crew module.

Challenger Investigation Results (04:34)

NASA learns that the crew members were alive, after the explosion and took action; they were killed on impact. The Roger's Commission insists on McDonald's reinstatement. Jim Bagian flies on the Space Shuttle Discovery; officials establish the Challenger Learning Center.

Credits: Challenger Disaster (00:18)

Credits: Challenger Disaster

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One of the most tragic and shocking images ever broadcast to the American people, the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion left our country in mourning.

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