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Science of Propagation, Volume 5: Hybridization

Part of the Series : Science of Propagation
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3-Year Streaming Price: $129.95



This program focuses on the mechanisms and benefits of plant hybridization. By observing cross-pollination techniques on tomatoes and day lilies, students will be able to replicate or even find new applications for this technology. Hybridization can invigorate plant varieties, and it is also a natural way to create entirely new kinds of plants. By breeding plants from closely related parents, we can improve disease resistance and modify the color, form, and flavor of existing species and varieties. The program provides a quick review of plant anatomy terms and then follows a step-by-step process of selecting suitable parents, cross pollination, emasculation, isolation, seed harvesting, sowing, transplanting, and finally evaluating the new hybrid’s character. It also shows how to perform hand pollination.

Length: 27 minutes

Item#: BVL203922

ISBN: 978-1-64867-634-5

Copyright date: ©2010

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