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Seated Twist (04:50)


Stephen Rosenholtz discusses the importance of organizing the skeleton to reduce muscle effort. Students sit on a chair edge and twist both directions. Then they put one hand behind them to assist with the twist, noticing spine length.

Seated Twist with Opposite Head Movement (07:44)

Students sit on a chair edge and put one hand behind them. They twist and look back to keep their gaze forward. Then, they twist torso and head together. Finally, they repeat the sequence on the other side.

Eye "Twist" (07:06)

Students sit on a chair edge and twist in one direction. With torso twisted, they look back over their shoulder. Then, they move just their eyes back and forth. Finally, they repeat the sequence on the other side.

Moving the Entire Self (04:35)

Feldenkrais emphasizes engaging all parts of the spine when twisting. Students sit on a chair and turn to look over alternate shoulders. Then, they move the head opposite the torso. They end by walking and twisting while standing.

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Lesson 5: Chair Lessons — Sitting Twisting

Part of the Series : The Feldenkrais Method®: Basic Lessons in Awareness Through Movement® — Series 2
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This program with Feldenkrais expert Stephen Rosenholtz focuses on chair and sitting and standing exercises for sitting and twisting.

Length: 25 minutes

Item#: BVL194653

ISBN: 978-1-64623-642-8

Copyright date: ©1988

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