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Personal Finance Essentials: Financial Literacy for Young Earners

The Series Includes : Budgeting and Financial Decision Making | Checking Accounts and Everyday Banking | Credit, Borrowing, and Debt | Saving and Investing | Taxes and Tax Benefits
DVD (Chaptered) Price: $499.75
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3-Year Streaming Price: $499.75



Loaded with savvy tips and real-life scenarios, this comprehensive five-part series prepares students to become responsible managers of their personal finances. Each program tackles a specific topic—budgeting, banking, credit, investing, and taxes—and breaks it down into segments that can be used as separate teaching tools or remain as part of a complete lesson. With bright, clever graphics to clarify difficult concepts, decision-making pointers, and commentary from financial and accounting experts, the series educates viewers about the concepts and terminology vital to their financial literacy. Viewable/printable instructor’s guides are available online. A Meridian Production. 5-part series, 32–38 minutes each.

Length: 172 minutes

Item#: BVL43781

ISBN: 978-1-61733-948-6

Copyright date: ©2011

Reviews & Awards

“Offers solid information and advice.... Recommended.”  Video Librarian


“A nicely paced primer on concepts and terminology in personal finance, as well as providing a healthy dose of advice and guidance in terms of spending, goal setting, personal conduct, and financial strategies.... The content is extremely well organized and the chapter navigation serves the learner beautifully. The explanations of financial terms and concepts are done exceptionally well, with practical examples and limited use of advanced jargon. Highly recommended.”  Educational Media Reviews Online

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