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Camping in the Amazon (02:09)


A woman tells a story of a dog saving her friend from a jaguar. A man tends a bonfire. People discuss their outdoor sleeping preferences.

Relocating a Camping Trip (05:16)

Anthropologist Barrie Machin films a Nambiquara man on a river bank. During the scene, Africanized hybrid bees start swarming and stinging him. The group gets in a motor boat and travels downstream.

Threats to the Nambiquara (03:54)

Lourenco Kilhaulhu explains that the camping group must leave. He discusses concerns about soy farmers using toxic pesticides upriver from his tribal land. He wants to preserve nature for future generations.

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Nambiquara River Trip

Part of the Series : The Nambiquara
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This program documents the river trip taken by anthropologist Barrie Machin as he traveled with the Nambiquara.

Length: 12 minutes

Item#: BVL192048

ISBN: 978-1-64623-773-9

Copyright date: ©1989

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