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Nambiquara Sucuri Story (03:22)


A man discusses placing Buriti leaves around a house as a girl bathes for the Festa de Moca; she has been touched by a Sucuri (anaconda). Despite her mother's healing efforts, she turns into a Sucuri and her father kills her.

Rainbow and Sucuri Association (03:36)

A Nambiquara man says the Sucuri urinates, creating a rainbow. Children must stay with their mothers or they will become ill. Sucuris trick people who run away; talking is the best form of escape. Eating the Sucuri brings storms.

Nambiquara Creator (03:11)

A man describes God as all around but invisible. When believers die, they join God and the spirit realm. They must remain pure in life to call on spirits; hear how healers consult with spirits.

Nambiquara Burial Rituals (05:12)

Burying the dead carelessly makes the sky dark; the Spirit takes family members of a transgressor. Deceased people are buried oriented along the solar axis with their possessions. Their spirits return to shamans with messages for their families.

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Nambiquara the Kithaulhu Talking About Religion

Part of the Series : The Nambiquara
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This program by anthropologist Barrie Machin features Nambiquarans discussing their religion.

Length: 16 minutes

Item#: BVL192045

ISBN: 978-1-64623-770-8

Copyright date: ©1989

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