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Freiburg, Germany - Europe's Greenest City (01:07)


Solar panels line rooftops and wind turbines dot the sky in this green city. Freiburg has been called an "ecological Disneyland."

Vauban District of Freiburg (02:51)

Vauban is a corner of Freiburg specially designed to be environmentally friendly. Meet a local family, the mayor, and a city planner who share their thoughts on this community.

Vauban's Architect (03:20)

Passive housing uses virtually no energy. Insulation, triple-pane windows and mechanical ventilation bring energy consumption down to 15 KWH per square meter.

Solar Energy in Vauban (01:24)

An apartment dweller explains why she would not want to go back to any other way of living.

Is Freiburg the Shape of the Future? (02:01)

Vauban and Freiburg offer a seemingly idyllic ecological lifestyle--is it just an oasis where prosperous like-minded people choose to live?

Low Energy Housing & Global Warming (02:50)

A solar village has been created in Freiburg with 50 "plus energy" houses that produce more energy than they use. A solar architect elaborates on why such housing is vital to the future.

Vauban's Power Station (01:20)

Fueled by wood chips, Vauban's power plant posts statistics about its consumption, production and emissions outside the plant for all to see.

Drawbacks of Life in Vauban (01:47)

The mayor addresses the need to "convince" residents to go along with the policies and rules over strict enforcement. The state recently refused a proposal to add to the 6 wind turbines that serve Vauban.

Green is Growing in Freiburg (02:28)

Freiburg's football stadium produces its own energy via solar panels on the roof. A local company uses biodegradable waste to produce electricity and compost. Hotel Victoria sells surplus electricity to a local power company.

Local Thoughts on Freiburg (01:56)

Although its citizens don't all agree on that their situation is ideal, Freiburg is one of the few major cities in Germany that continues to grow. Freiburg continues to lead the way to eco-friendly living,

Credits: Vision of the Future: Sustainable Eco-cities (00:21)

Credits: Vision of the Future: Sustainable Eco-cities

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It is estimated that by 2030 the vast majority of humankind will be living in an urban environment, putting an immense strain on the planet’s natural resources. Using Freiburg, in Germany, as an example of a model eco-city that has proved its sustainability over time, this program reimagines the urban development process. (25 minutes)

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“Several groups of people describe their views of living and working in an eco-city. Among these are architects, families, a mayor, and a waste recycler. Interesting highlights include car-free zones, a local football club with solar panels on the stadium, and one major hotel which sells the power it produces to the city.”  Science Books & Films

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