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Colombia - Creating an Environmentally Friendly City (02:00)


Bogotá resident Nestor Lasso discusses changes to bicycle routes and buses that make getting around the city easier for him and his family.

TransMilenio (03:47)

Famous for overhauling the city's public transport, former mayor Enrique Peñalosa, envisions a people-friendly city. The TransMilenio is a network of a thousand buses that carry 1.4 million passengers daily, speeding across the city in their own exclusive lanes. For now, 75% of public transport is still controlled by privately owned bus companies.

Relieving Congestion in Bogotá (02:01)

Although only 15 of 100 residents commute by private car, "Pico y Placa" was instituted to restrict drivers during peak traffic days and hours. Citizens offer varying perspectives on how the program is working

London - Congestion Charge Zone (02:55)

Introduced in 2003 to ease pressure on the roads, this program charges drivers entry into the city if they live outside the zone. Londoners offer varying perspectives on how the program is working.

Analyzing London's Congestion Charge (01:58)

Economist Vijay Vaitheeswaran says that access to public roads should not be seen as an entitlement. Enrique Peñalosa believes London's scheme is a good one and will be adopted in more large cities.

Bogotá's Revolution - Environmentally Friendly (01:25)

Though protests, paramilitary conflicts and cocaine are still a part Bogotá's struggle, some things are changing. Enrique Peñalosa explains how mass transit is good for those with lower incomes.

Bogotá's Greenway (02:21)

Linking the poorest areas to the wealthiest, this 35 kilometer stretch accommodates pedestrians and bicycles, giving tens of thousands of workers access to the city. The money saved building cycle ways instead of roads is invested in schools and public parks.

Critics of TransMilenio (01:11)

Users of TransMilenio criticize the system.

What is Next for Bogotá? (02:37)

Bogotá's current mayor, Samuel Moreno was elected on his vision of building a metro system. He says the lack of highways is the issue, not the number of cars. Enrique Peñalosa says no city in the world has ever solved its transportation problems building more or bigger roads.

Credits: The People’s City: How Bogotá Succeeded in Reducing Traffic Congestion and Smog (00:34)

Credits: The People’s City: How Bogotá Succeeded in Reducing Traffic Congestion and Smog

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The People’s City: How Bogotá Succeeded in Reducing Traffic Congestion and Smog

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As mayor of Colombia’s capital between 1998 and 2001, Enrique Peñalosa succeeded in turning Bogotá into a world-class example of how to reduce traffic congestion and the pollution that accompanies it. He was instrumental in introducing protected cycle lanes, a car-free day, a rapid transit system that has been copied around the globe, and more. In this program, Peñalosa takes viewers on a guided tour of the city he has helped to transform from a center of criminal activity into an incubator for transit innovation. (25 minutes)

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