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Weening From Fossil Fuel Dependence (01:44)


As gas prices continue to soar and the world tries to reverse or slow down global warming, the world's car makers are being forced to move with the times, weening themselves off expensive carbon dioxide-emitting oil. Is it happening fast enough?

Plug in hybrid electric vehicle (02:55)

150 in the U.S. Growing revolution, quiet, cal-cars CalCars. Felix Kramer of the CalCars initiative drives a Toyota Prius, a normal hybrid which has been fitted with an additional powerful lithium ion battery.

Converting Hybrids to Electric (01:42)

Nick Rothman is one of a handful of mechanics who know how to fit the lithium ion battery into existing hybrids. Pat Cadam of Green Gears explains that Americans are tired of waiting for car manufacturers to make the technology available.

SF Environment - Leading the Way (01:20)

The city of San Francisco has a fleet of hybrid and electric cars. It seeks to set a model for others to follow. Local taxi companies have agreed to buy only alternative fuel or hybrid vehicles.

Chevy Volt (02:28)

Having abandoned the EV1, saying there was no consumer demand, General motors is once again pursuing electric car production.

Chevy Equinox - Fuel Cell SUV (02:14)

This sport utility vehicle produces its own electricity by combining hydrogen and oxygen in a fuel cell stack. The down side to hydrogen fuel is that more fuel is consumed than created and there are not enough pumps in the U.S. to fuel the cars.

Radical Changes Within the Car Industry (01:35)

Soaring oil prices, new government fuel efficiency regulations, and global warming are forcing car makers to move beyond the combustion engine and look to greener technology.

Hypercar (01:47)

Physicist Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute designed an energy efficient vehicle and made the technology available to car makers.

Tesla Roadster - Zero Emissions Sports Car (03:01)

The world's first high performance all electric car, the ultra-light body of the Tesla Roadster is made from carbon fiber and sells for over $100,000. Amory Lovins says entrepreneurship is starting to reshape the auto industry.

Vehicle to Grid Technology (01:44)

Xcel Energy uses technology to transfer stored energy in an electric car "back to the grid" to provide household energy. The company predicts it will be 5-10 years before these cars are on the road in significant numbers.

Exciting Times Ahead (00:53)

The new technology is evolving daily and it is certain that cars of the future will be very different. Experts weigh in on the changes and challenges of the next few years.

Credits: Electric Highway: Has the Era of the Electric Car Arrived? (00:32)

Credits: Electric Highway: Has the Era of the Electric Car Arrived?

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Electric Highway: Has the Era of the Electric Car Arrived?

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In addition to accelerating the depletion of the planet’s oil reserves, gasoline-powered vehicles on America’s roads spew hundreds of millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually. Currently there are two major alternatives to oil-based fuel, both of which result in zero emissions at the point of use: hydrogen—a source of energy that will likely still be unavailable for widespread use for decades to come—and electricity. This program addresses the necessity of reducing vehicular impact on the environment, while considering some of the latest developments in electric car technology. (25 minutes)

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