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"Bad New Days" (01:56)


Hal Foster's new book examines the effects of neoliberalism since the end of the Cold War. He looks at how artists move away from post-modernism and respond to emergency conditions.

Five Types of Art since 1990 (05:48)

Foster proposes the following art phases: abject and damaged bodies responding to the AIDS epidemic and neoliberalism; using archives in response to instant gratification; worsening present conditions; and evoking precariousness and social fragility. He believes art criticism is still relevant.

Art and Capitalism (02:10)

Foster discusses artists’ reactions to neoliberalism and the War on Terror. Art also holds an anticipatory function.

Art and Reality (02:10)

In postmodern and post-structural periods, reality was seen as a construct of image and text. Foster argues that the idea of the real as traumatic and incomprehensible is more applicable for responding to neoliberalism and the War on Terror.

Art in the Society of Spectacle (02:35)

Foster says the "military industrial entertainment complex" does not overwhelm everyone; there is space for art and art criticism to resist culture.

The Avant-Garde in Art (03:12)

Foster outlines the military origins of the term that evolved for artistic use. He sees transgressive and legislative models as dated, and proposes a model in which the avant-garde exacerbates existing conditions, rather than breaking with them.

Art and Autonomy (01:23)

Foster reconciles the ideas that art is autonomous and that it relates to other practices and culture.

Art and Knowledge (02:32)

Foster challenges the idea that contemporary art finds ideas elsewhere and develops visual forms for those ideas. Art is intrinsically theoretical and philosophical. He discusses a new idea of objective materialism.

The Importance of Critical Theory (03:20)

People interested in art but not wanting to be artists can become art critics. Both are discontent with the world. Foster identifies thinkers that have inspired him.

Credits: Critical Thinkers - Hal Foster (00:39)

Credits: Critical Thinkers - Hal Foster

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Critical Thinkers - Hal Foster

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American art critic and art historian, professor at Princeton University, Hal Foster is the author of several books. He received our crew in his house to talk about contemporary art, the relation between art and knowledge and the characteristics of art in the society of the spectacle.

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