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Passion for Literature (01:24)


Antoine Compagnon fell in love with literature through reading as a teenager.

Why Literature? (02:41)

Compagnon advocates studying the power of literature and its uses—including moral and secular education. Some see literature as alienating, dominating, and imperialistic.

What is Writing? (03:53)

Compagnon identifies writing as a compromise between a profession and a mystery. It requires discipline and has a handcrafted dimension. He discusses the ideal of a writer who does not write.

Why Write? Who For? (02:10)

Proust saw literature as a way of living for others. Compagne says those who cannot stop being readers become writers. He prefers the idea of fabricating to creating literature; writers must consider the reader's imagination.

Why Read Montaigne Nowadays? (05:31)

Compagnon discusses Montaigne's ideas in terms of historic and cultural context. He promoted tolerance and fidelity, possessed freedom of thought, and advocated government stability during political turmoil.

Why Read Proust Nowadays? (03:17)

Proust and Montaigne left posthumous work and created literary genres. Compagnon discusses cultural forms in "In Search of Lost Time." Proust introduced modern aesthetics.

Literature Proposals for the New Millennium (01:30)

Literature is an experience of thought and discovery of identity and difference.

Hatred towards Literature and University (02:02)

Compagnon acknowledges that literature can lead to oppression, as well as liberation. He disagrees with the notion that culture is discriminatory and should be eliminated from exams.

The Pleasure of Teaching (02:15)

Compagnon has taught literature for 40 years. He enjoys instilling intellectual and analytical confidence in students, and encourages them to read more than is required.

Credits: Critical Thinkers - Antoine Compagnon (00:39)

Credits: Critical Thinkers - Antoine Compagnon

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French professor of literature, one of the world's greatest specialists in Proust and Montaigne. Antoine Compagnon is a professor at the Collège de France, in Paris, and the Columbia University, in New York. Author of several books on literary history and literary criticism, in this episode, he talks about his passion for literature, the importance of writing and some key authors such as Proust and Montaigne. In addition, he discusses the proposals of literature for the new millennium and the pleasure of teaching.

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