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Why Did You Become a Philosopher? (02:44)


Umberto Galimberti enjoyed philosophy in high school. He believes the subject has been isolated in academia, rather than being used to address the world's problems. Among European nations, it is only taught in Italian universities.

The Importance of Technique (00:53)

Galimberti says the Soviet Union possessed superior techniques to the U.S. in 1960. By 1989, the U.S. had won the technology race.

What's Technique (01:53)

Galimberti explains "technique" in terms of human technology and ingenuity. He argues that humans lack animal instinct; we are defined by drives without particular goals.

Technique and Rationality (02:02)

Galimberti considers "technique" as the highest form of rationality achieved by humans. Rationality refers to maximizing goals while minimizing means. Humans are also irrational, which conflicts with technique.

The End of Humanism, Nature and Moral (06:47)

Early 20th century philosophers predicted the end of our relationship to nature, which lacks a protective moral philosophy. Galimberti outlines Christian, Kantian, and Weber's moralities and explains why they are irrelevant in the technological era. Humans cannot predict scientific outcomes.

Technique and Democracy (07:53)

Galimberti says voters lack sufficient knowledge to make political decisions about technology. Democracy creates the means for social progress; voting is a method for electing rulers. Technology discourages divergent thinking necessary for human evolution. Galimberti discusses the negative impacts of cell phones.

Nazism and Technique (02:42)

Treblinka commander Franz Stangl saw his task as executioner in terms of job performance and responsibility. Technique judges task efficiency, rather than content.

Credits: Critical Thinkers - Umberto Galimberti (00:41)

Credits: Critical Thinkers - Umberto Galimberti

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Umberto Galimberti is a professor of philosophy at Venice. Author of several books, he talks about one of the most important themes of his work in this episode, namely the technique and its relation to democracy.

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