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"La Gazza Ladra": Overture (10:52)


Andrea Colombini conducts the Lucca Philharmonic Orchestra in the opening of "The Thieving Magpie."

"Se quel guerrier io fossi!... Celeste Aida" (05:25)

The overture for "La Gazza Ladra" is a great way to start a concert about Italian opera. Matthias Nebbiai performs the aria from "Aida," composed by Guiseppe Verdi.

"Tacea la Notte Placida" (05:55)

Sylvia Pacini performs the aria from "Il Trovatore," composed by Verdi. Colombini conducts the Lucca Philharmonic Orchestra.

"Nabucco": Overture (08:38)

Verdi's music represents the universal human struggle. See footage of Colombini conducting the opening piece from the opera.

"Va Pensiero" (05:15)

The Lucca Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus perform "The Hebrew Slaves Chorus"; Colombini conducts.

"Vesti la Giubba" (03:19)

Great Italian opera is not restricted to Puccini or Verdi. Nicola Simone Mugnaini sings an aria from "Pagliacci," composed by Ruggero Leoncavallo.

"Mattinata" (02:12)

Mugnaini sings the song composed by Leoncavallo. Colombini conducts the Lucca Philharmonic Orchestra.

"O Sole Mio" (04:01)

Simone Frediani, Mugnaini, and Nebbiai perform the traditional song composed by Eduardo Di Capua. Colombini conducts the Lucca Philharmonic Orchestra.

"Nessum Dorma" (04:15)

Frediani, Mugnaini, and Nebbai perform the final aria from "Turnadot," composed by Puccini. The Lucca Philharmonic Orchestra performs in the Musikverein.

Credits: Lucca City of Opera (01:03)

Credits: Lucca City of Opera

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The genius of Giacomo Puccini is even more apparent when his music is played alongside that of the other Italian Great Masters. Puccini was the final chapter of Italian Opera history and this programme features masterpieces of the Italian tradition. We’ll hear from Rossini with the famous Overture from La Gazza Ladra to kick us off and then the mastery of Verdi. A stunning selection of music includes Celeste Aida and Tacea la Notte Placida from Il Trovatore, the Overture from Nabucco and the famous chorus of the Hebrew slaves, Va Pensiero. Then from Leoncavallo, Andrea brings us Vesti la Giubba and Mattinata. Who better to round off this collection than the tenor, Nicola Simone Mugnaini with his emotional rendition of O Sole Mio.

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