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Social Problems (03:09)


Partners in Health does not believe drugs alone will solve the AIDS epidemic in Africa; HIV afflicts one in seven adults in Malawi. The poor are marginalized in health care. PIH runs programs in 12 countries and raises $65 million annually.

HIV Patient (02:54)

Edna Joseph lives in a one room hut with her daughter; her husband kicked her out of their home. PIH starts her on an antiretroviral treatment.

PIH Employment (05:30)

PIH employs former prostitutes to teach safe sex practices in local bars; Alvin Hall looks at the organization's budget for opening a restaurant. Permaculture encourages individuals to plant diverse hearty crops. Hall advocates teaching women how to be financially successful.

Six Months Later (04:30)

Plants are dead as a result of the drought. Mtendere Restaurant is a success. Ivy Mwanakha believes former sex trade workers will begin receiving paychecks by the end of the month.

Helping the Most Needy (05:50)

PIH is developing a manual based on experiences in Malawi. Edna and her daughter are healthy and happy. The nongovernmental organization educates, creates jobs, and empowers.

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Partners In Health believes helping these patients means dealing with their social problems as well as providing drug therapy. In this episode of Helping Social Entrepreneurs, Alvin Hall comes face to face with what it’s like to be poor and HIV positive in Africa. Can he help PIH come up with a business blueprint so they can reproduce their successful model across the world? In Malawi, the weekly HIV clinic is teeming with patients of all ages, from babies to grand-parents. A health care worker is questioning one of them about their social and economic background. He writes down an increasingly grim litany. Education – none, job – none, children – many, rooms in mud hut – too few. It is clear that these are people in need. In Malawi, one in eight adults are infected with HIV. But drugs alone may not be the answer to this deadly scourge. In Neno, a remote area in southern Malawi, poverty and HIV are both rampant. There are clutches of straw roofed huts, neglected villages and abandoned crops. People here are obviously very poor. It is the recipe for a major health crisis, one that is far beyond the resources of the government to cope with. But in the last few years, they have joined forces with Partners In Health (PIH), a social enterprise dedicated to providing quality health care to the world’s poorest people. PIH believes that social factors are as important as medical ones.

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