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Wild Japan: Hokkaido

Item #: 188092

Wild Japan: Honshu

Item #: 188093

Wild Japan: Southwest Islands

Item #: 188094

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Wild Japan

The Series Includes : Wild Japan: Hokkaido | Wild Japan: Honshu | Wild Japan: Southwest Islands
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Japan - we think of it as a crowded, manicured, highly industrialised archipelago. But Japan has a surprisingly vast range of landscapes, from the far north, where sea eagles walk on frozen waters, to subtropical southern islands, with coral reefs and mangroves, and the central islands, with forested mountains, home to bears and monkeys. Each episode explores how life survives across a land dominated from north to south, by volcanoes and earthquakes, savage winters and sultry, typhoon summers. What ways have humans and wildlife found to live alongside the forces of nature? From the drama of the steaming volcanic mountains, tropical seas and icy, ghostly forests to the detail of humans interacting with nature, this series evokes the true spirit of Japan.

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