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Svalbard Residents (04:39)


Svalbard is deep inside the Artic circle, boasting the world's most northerly community. Its 2,000 residents are threatened by 3,000 polar bears and must carry guns. Scotland natives Grace and Christine practice target shooting.

Polarrigg Hotel (04:17)

Mary Ann runs the historic and eclectic hotel. She shows taxidermy displays and a collection of Arctic animal penis bones; she uses them as stir sticks at her Peisen Bar.

Tour Guide (04:05)

Svalbard is ideal for astronomers, touting the largest commercial ground station. Satellite Engineer Alex leads arctic expeditions in his spare time; he takes a group to the remote east coast, relaying dangers and strict conduct rules.

Arctic Tourism (04:23)

Mary Ann prepares regional delicacies for a birthday feast at Polarrigg. Alex and his tour group stop on the treeless tundra; they prepare freeze dried food to avoid polar bear detection.

Local Hospitality (02:32)

Marianne hosts a birthday dinner at Polarrigg. She appreciates her employees and prefers to work alongside them. She works long hours and is involved in all aspects of the business.

Crime Journalist (04:11)

Svalbard is a Norwegian territory; 42 citizens from other countries have rights to work and live in the area. Los Angeles native Mark runs a small newspaper, printing and assembling productions at the library. He hand delivers copies.

Dog Sledding (06:38)

Christine and Grace hope to master dog sledding as snowmobiles are unreliable; packs also serve as defense. They take a team out on the tundra; Grace routinely cleans their kennels while Christine feeds them fatty whale meat.

Svalbard Newspaper (02:14)

Mark orders a snowmobile battery charger and scans the internet. He finds an article regarding possible Russian reconnaissance and learns the local police are searching for walrus tusk poachers.

Adjusting to Life in the Arctic (02:13)

Grace and Christine clean and cook fish they caught earlier; Grace builds a fire. The couple discusses their partnership and isolated lifestyle, and express appreciation for Svalbard.

"Icepeople" Journalism (02:11)

Mark compares working in Svalbard with being a "pack journalist" in Los Angeles. His snowmobile is recharged and he searches for stories.

Arctic Adventurists (03:47)

Alex has technologically advanced firearms for guest protection; he practices regularly. A variety of survival skills are necessary in the Arctic. Alex hunts and gives seal, reindeer, and mountain bird culinary recommendations.

Encroaching Threats (01:48)

A polar bear approaches Longyearbyen, triggering emergency services; they sedate and remove the bear. Low ice and diminishing hunting territories creates food shortages. See a preview of the next episode.

Credits: Welcome to Svalbard (00:33)

Credits: Welcome to Svalbard

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Longyearbyen on Svalbard is the northern most town in the world and home to an international community of residents who have all chosen to live in one of the most remote and extreme places on the planet. This is a place like no other, a place where you aren't allowed to be born or die, carrying a gun outside of town is mandatory and where polar bears outnumber people.  

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