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Disaster Aftermath (03:35)


After severe storms hit Svalbard, an avalanche devastates Longyearbyen, killing and injuring residents; 180 are evacuated from their homes. Pastor Leif discussess rescue efforts, the deaths, and their impact on Christmas celebrations.

Avalanche Zone (03:05)

Mark researches damages for his newspaper. He prints copies of the publication’s first extra edition, explaining how he gives residents an English alternative to Norwegian media. His home is within the evacuation zone.

Snow and Ice Physicis (03:42)

Professor Chris recalls attending a conference in San Francisco when the avalanche hit Longyearbyen. He studies the impact area, determining speeds and course. He believes a toddler's death could have been prevented with better public safety measures.

Assessing Damages (03:38)

Mark describes how the avalanche demolished a row of houses and the chaotic evacuation of residents. Chris relays stories from rescuers regarding community efforts to locate buried victims; if found within 15 minutes, survival rates are good.

Unending Night (04:37)

Lara avoids thinking about the constant darkness; it is her first winter in Svalbard, working as a Sled Guide. She prepares tourists for a trip, but all are nervous about the harsh weather; the business balances guest safety with making a profit.

Lost Financing and Assets (02:37)

For seven years, Mark has used personal money to publish a Svalbard newspaper; he is considering selling his apartment to further fund operations. He points out damages in his home from the recent storm and avalanche.

Sledding Conditions (03:14)

Wind speeds reach 60 kilometers an hour as Lara coaches increasingly apprehensive tourists; she attempts to gain their confidence while warning them of dangers. The dogs typically follow a snowmobile track, but it is covered by blizzard snows; another musher discusses cancelling the tour.

Self-Sufficiency Requirements (02:43)

Mark puts out donation boxes for his newspaper, hoping to fund future editions. He inherited a million dollars from his grandfather, but is now broke and without assets. There is no welfare system in Svalbard; he fears eviction.

Prioritizing Safety (02:39)

Lara is optimistic about giving a dog sled tour despite gale force winds and heavy snowfall; she instructs guests to stay close due to poor visibility. A musher making snowmobile tracks for the dogs to follow returns and advises cancelling the program.

Alcohol Consumption (03:55)

Wiggo discusses the benefits and drawbacks of taxiing drunk people; low temperatures and icy surfaces create extra dangers. Leif and his friends enjoy beers after choir practice; they lost a member in the avalanche and believe levity is therapeutic.

Homeless In Longyearbyen (02:48)

Surveyors deem Mark’s apartment building unsafe for occupation and he must evacuate within two hours. His only asset destroyed, he fears he will have to leave Svalbard. Authorities agree to house occupants for two weeks.

Longyearbyen History (03:51)

After three months of darkness, Svalbard receives one hour and fifteen minutes of daylight. Wiggo begins bus tours, relaying the town’s macabre history. Longyearbyen is an old mining settlement; flooding, explosions and pit collapses were once common.

Celebrating Light (05:43)

Leif prepares for an annual service on the mountain; he views the outdoors as an extension of the church. He preaches about the value and fragility of life and discusses Mark’s circumstances after the service. See a preview of the next episode.

Credits: Out Of The Darkness (00:35)

Credits: Out Of The Darkness

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The residents of Longyearbyen, the northernmost town on the planet, are in the grip of winter, which means 24 hours of total darkness and extreme Arctic weather. After one of the worst storms to hit the town in 30 years, the residents are struggling to come to terms with a huge tragedy - an avalanche which slid down the mountain wiping out many houses and killing the local teacher and a young child. It's a massive blow to the community and its effects are far reaching.

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