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Tourist Industry (02:30)


Svalbard winter's include three months of darkness, below freezing temperatures, and avalanche threats. Thousands of visitors arrive annually for arctic adventures. Wiggo warns about inherent and lethal dangers.

Snow and Ice Physics (03:34)

Prof. Chris Borstad studies glacial processes; he digs out observations walls and tests packs. He detects weak surface bonds, predicting an avalanche in days. Events ometimes approach Longyearbyen, and must be monitored.

Spiritual Leadership (02:13)

Pastor Leif leads a procession to the graveyard to celebrate All Saints Day. He discusses life's fragility and man's place in God's creation.

Food Entrepreneur (03:44)

Svalbard produce is imported; thick permafrost forbids traditional agriculture. Ben endeavors to supply the community with herbs and greens, constructing a growing lab. His imported worms have multiplied and he consults a Columbian migrant on culinary preparation.

Arctic Musher (05:17)

Adventure seeking tourists are allured by Svalbard winter dangers and there is competition for their business. Ben gives dog sled tours and takes guests out in below freezing temperatures. They hit rocky conditions and stop; the odds of hazardous occurrences increase while stationary.

Resource Capitalization (04:29)

Wiggo promotes a guaranteed tour of the Northern Lights while taxiing tourists to hotels. Claudia teaches Ben how to cook worms; he is not optimistic about marketing the new product.

Holiday Preparations (02:51)

Mary Ann decorates Polarrigg for Christmas. She imports a tree from the Norway mainland; she and a helper struggle to get it into place.

Disaster Anticipation (03:38)

Chris teaches an avalanche rescue class at Svalbard University; researchers sometimes trigger the event. They attempt to uncover buried transmitters expediently; victim survival rates are excellent if recovery occurs within fifteen minutes.

North Pole Living (04:27)

Claudia loves Christmas and quips about marrying Santa. She met Wiggo online, moving in with him eight years ago. He gets a call regarding an aurora sighting. Ben gives away worm cookies downtown.

Arctic Pastor (02:15)

Leif suits up for a two hour helicopter ride to Bear Island. He is dedicated to visiting remote community believers during the Christmas season.

Tourist Opportunity (02:24)

Wiggo picks up three tourists, taking them out of town to view the auroras. Nothing appears, and he does not collect money.

Community Outreach (02:09)

Bear Island residents collect Svalbard weather forecast and shipping bulletin data; outsiders do not visit during the winter. They cook an elaborate meal to share with Leif, expressing appreciation for his company.

Snow Study (03:08)

Chris skis in the dark, conducting research after mountain snowfalls. He discusses survival and partner reliance. Chris examines samples and finds Surface Hoar, weak dew crystals that create avalanche conditions.

Winter Celebration (02:44)

Longyearbyen decorates for Christmas and residents attend a tree lighting ceremony. On December 18th, blizzards devastate the town. See a preview of the next episode.

Credits: Life Is Fragile (00:34)

Credits: Life Is Fragile

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The dark season arrives on Svalbard where the sun won't shine for next three months for the residents of Longyearbyen, the northernmost town on the planet. Meet more of the quirky people who have chosen to live in one of the most remote and extreme places on the planet: Wiggo the local taxi driver who's a dead ringer for Santa who has a plan to capitalise on the tourists coming to see the Northern lights; Ben, an American chef attempting his own food revolution by growing food on the island - starting with worm cookies and Leif, who's no ordinary priest.

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