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Hilmar Nois Start (05:30)


Christine prepares for her first dog sledding race. She and her husband want to live outside town, off grid; they must master driving skills. She hopes to qualify for Trapper’s Trail; she embarks on the 30 kilometer journey with seventeen other teams.

Tour Coordinator (03:06)

Mats organizes Svalbard wilderness adventures; he discusses his former occupations and urban lifestyle. He picks up friends at the airport and confirms that people react differently to the extreme conditions.

Polarrigg Cook (05:11)

Mary Ann prepares the hotel for tourists; she participates in all aspects of the business. She hires a Norwegian chef, training him during the dinner rush. He discusses her perfectionism and working in her kitchen.

Thrill Seeking (02:29)

Mats embarks with visitors to Svalbard’s east coast; they pack rifles and a signal pistol to defend against polar bear attack. Tourists pay to glimpse the species, but actively seeking contact is prohibited.

Newspaper Publisher (03:07)

Mark has lived in Longyearbyen for eight years, publishing its only English newspaper. He worries about finances after his house was condemned. A community organizer offers him an apartment.

Kitchen Working Environment (03:05)

The Polarrigg’s new chef is in charge of the kitchen, but Mary Ann struggles with allowing him to work unsupervised. Everything must meet her standards; she is unhappy with his presentation, speed, and cooking.

Disrupted Travel Plans (03:42)

A snowmobile in Mat’s caravan breaks down; he assesses damages, and his friend makes repairs. They are an hour from Mohnbukta, where they hope to spot polar bears.

Canine Complications (03:27)

Eighteen kilometers into the race, Christine is in fifth place; she stops to give her team treats. The dogs become distracted by food and get entangled with another team, slowing progress.

Restaurant Turnover (03:23)

Mary Ann writes her new chef a termination letter, giving it to him before breakfast at the Polarrigg. She accuses him of being inept and slow; he argues that she micro manages. He leaves and she admits to having control issues.

Trappers Trail Qualifier (03:26)

Christine pushes her team through the uphill portion of the Hilmar Nois race, hoping to prove she can live off grid. She achieves her goal, finishing the trial in two hours and thirty seven minutes.

Temporary Living Arrangements (03:23)

Anna Lise gives Mark a key to his new apartment; he has six months to organize his finances. His new space is larger and better furnished than his old home and he emotionally expresses gratitude.

Predator Sighting (03:18)

Matt and his friends reach the east coast of Svalbard and discover polar bear tracks; he determines that a female and cub are in the area. While preparing for departure, the bears emerge two kilometers away from the caravan.

Sun Festival (02:59)

Svalbard seasons include dramatic shifts in daylight. Residents gather to celebrate solar reappearance. Mark discusses the community and support. See a preview of the next episode.

Credits: Into the Light (00:33)

Credits: Into the Light

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Christine puts her dog sledding skills to the test by entering the Hilmar Nois, a 30 kilometer race out into the wilderness. If she completes the race within three hours she'll be able to enter the far bigger, more prestigious Trappers Trail race later in the year. Mary Ann hires a new chef to take over the kitchen. Bad idea. Its Mary Ann's way or the highway, as the chef discovers all too soon.  

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