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Svalbard Entrepreneur (04:39)


Ben builds an indoor food growing business; he recently lost equipment to fire. He must remove snowmobiles, clear snow, level ground and construct a platform for a new Arctic greenhouse in route from Alaska.

Svalbard Taxi Driver (05:01)

Wiggo spends his day off fishing for Arctic Cod with his wife. The species thrives in cold temperatures, but typically arrive later in summer. Conditions have been warmer, and they are optimistic.

Svalbard Journalist (05:31)

Mark ferries to Pyramiden with tourists; a Cossack, gives them a tour of the abandoned Russian mining community. In 1996, a plane with 140 miners and their families crashed. Mark stays to report on the incident and life before it.

Svalbard Hotel (03:58)

Marianne receives an anticipated delivery of seal genitals. She boils the flesh off the baculum to use it as a swizzle stick. Several Arctic species are represented at her Penis Bar.

Business Investment (02:38)

Ben hires professionals to break up the ice and level the ground for his new greenhouse. It arrives at port from Alaska.

Arctic Angling (02:59)

Wiggo and Claudia are not catching fish; he enjoys the laidback nature of the sport. They spot Beluga Whales that feed on cod; they may signal that a school is near.

Polarrigg and Assembly (04:12)

Marianne makes guests drinks, stirring them with the seal penis bone. Ben's greenhouse did not come with a packing list; he and friends struggle to piece it together.

Artic Ghost Town (06:35)

Mark gets an extended tour of Pyramiden. The Cossack guide describes life in the fully functional city before its abandonment, spurred by the plane crash killing 141 residents.

Polarrigg Hospitality (02:17)

Marianne sleeps in her bathroom after a sixteen-hour shift. She gives up her bedroom to unprepared tourists.

Evolving Economy (01:40)

Wiggo and Claudia return empty handed from their fishing trip. Wiggo discusses the end of coal mining in the area; he believes tourism will replace it as Svalbard's main industry.

Growing Business (03:32)

Ben has erected is greenhouse and created tower planters; he sells microgreens to Marianne at Polarrigg. Ben discusses how climate change may positively impact the area's tourist and agricultural industries.

Svalbard's Future (02:20)

The future is uncertain; the Arctic warms and the mining industry wanes. Residents relay views on shifting economy, suggesting tourism and research as main industries.

Credits: An Uncertain Future (00:35)

Credits: An Uncertain Future

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The final visit to Svalbard, during the summer months. Ben is close to launching his local food business. Wiggo and his wife Claudia set out in search of the season's first Arctic Cod. Journalist Mark joins the 11 hour round trip for tourists visiting Pyramiden the world's northern most ghost town. Local guide Sasha gives an entertaining tour to the visitors.

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