Segments in this Video

Guerrilla Geographer (04:48)


Daniel Raven-Ellison runs a campaign to convert London into a Natural Park City; urban wildlife deserves protection. He hopes to improve ecologies worldwide and improve health. Raven-Ellison encourages students and community groups to experience and promote nature in all environments.

Apeel Sciences (03:30)

Food production requires many resources; half of fresh produce goes to landfills due to short shelf-life. James Rogers develops extra protection for fruit and vegetables. He uses organic chemicals derived from food to enhance natural defenses.

Garden and Landscape Center (04:40)

Richard Tan works with Singapore’s Housing and Development Board to fill urban spaces with greenery. He aspires to increase oxygen, combat pollution, and beautify buildings. Tan designs rooftop gardens, and green walls and walkways.

"Paper Bag Boy" (04:32)

Plastic bags take 600 years to decompose; thousands of marine animals die from digesting plastics every year. Abdul Muqeet recycles newspapers to prevent hazardous waste and distributes bags to local shops.

Marine Scientist (04:32)

The Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet at Cape Town, creating unique biodiversity. Kerry Sink explores and maps the South Africa’s underwater ecosystems; she has worked to protect 24 coastal areas.

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