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MacRebur (04:58)


In Scotland, Toby McCartney recycles plastics by converting it to pellets, and mixing them with asphalt. The roads he creates are more resilient and longer lasting than traditional roads. He is concerned with the abundance of polymer trash in the oceans.

Biogas (03:48)

Zeddy Rotich creates cooking and heating fuel from cow dung. A digester separates the gas, which she uses in her stove, from waste and water, which she uses to fertilize her coffee farm.

Alesca Life (04:39)

In Beijing, Stuart Oda grows produce in shipping containers and parking structures converted to vertical farms; he uses hydroponic systems. A third of the global economy is connected to agriculture. Current practices use large amounts of natural resources and chemicals.

Landscape Design (03:09)

In Dubai, indigenous plants help conserve water. Kamelia Bin Zaal works to change client attitudes toward native vegetation. Her “Beauty of Islam” garden won the silver medal at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Marine Conservation Society (04:40)

Shakti Teker works to protect marine life; Mauritius dolphin watching has significantly increased. She educates skippers and the public on dangers posed to ocean animals. Tekker monitors population and behavior and lobbies for ecotourism regulation.

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In Part 2 of Going Green, five activists from around the globe attempt to better their communities and the environment. Learn how Toby McCartney's company recycles plastics into roads. Watch coffee farmer Zeddy Rotich convert cow dung into bio-gas. See how Stuart Oda has converted parking structures into vertical farms. Observe award winning landscape designer Kamelia Bin Zaal cultivate indigenous plants in the desert. Experience the beauty of dolphin pods in Mauritius, as Shakti Teker lobbies to protect them from ecotourism.

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