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Whitechapel Blockage (03:21)


Fatbergs form when sanitary items and oils congeal; they stop drains and cause ecological problems. In London, experts remove a fatberg weighing 130 tons from the sewers.

Electric Automobiles (03:22)

Chris and Julie Ramsey drive the Mongol Rally route in an electric car, journeying 10,000 miles without producing emissions. Less than one percent of the world’s passenger vehicles run on electricity. Scotland aspires to phase out fossil fuel burning engines by 2032.

Fatberg Recycling and Protecting Wildlife (05:39)

Workers transport London’s sewage to a biofuel refinery where it is heated and distilled. Anton Mzimba risks his life to guard animals on the Timbavati Private Reserve. He fears rhino extinction.

Restart Project (02:53)

Ugo Vallauri strives to minimize environmental impacts of e-waste. His organization encourages repair and refurbishment, hosting parties where experts aid consumers in troubleshooting and repair. People generate 50 million metric tons of e-waste annually; it takes 12,760 liters of water to make one smart phone.

Urban Environmentalism (04:18)

Biofuels are blended with diesel to run London buses, vastly reducing emissions. In the Bronx, Mary Mattingly formed SWALE to convert community spaces to gardens; for 100 years, it was illegal to pick food in New York’s public areas.

Rubbish Vigilante (03:10)

In Indonesia, Mr. Sariban picks-up liter and encourages other residents to dispose of trash properly. He feels that keeping the city clean is a spiritual act which others should also practice.

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Nicki Shields hosts Going Green: Part I, featuring ordinary people from around the globe making extraordinary differences in their communities. She tracks the Whitechapel Fatberg from the London sewers to Argent Energy, where it is converted to biofuel, and taken back to the city to fuel public buses. Experience the Ramsey's journey on the Mongol Rally route, traveling 10,000 miles and producing no emissions. Meet Anton Mzimba, a wildlife ranger that risks his life every day to protect endangered wildlife. Watch Ugo Vallauri, co-founder of the Restart Project, teach others how to repair electronics. Learn how Mary Mattingly's SWALE project aspires to convert New York city's public spaces to community gardens. See Mr. Sariban, Trash Vigilante, pick up garbage and preach environmental activism on the streets of Bandung.

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