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Golden Age of Paleontology (06:17)


Multiple dinosaur species have been unearthed in China, one find confirms bird evolution. Economic growth and government grants spur field progress. Xu Xing and Richard Stone assert that luck and landscape contribute to discovery surges.

Chinese Paleontologist Trailblazers (07:10)

Xing has discovered 60 new dinosaur species; Zhou Zhonghe has found feathered fossils. Stone addresses massive diversity and evolutionary proofs. Panelists discuss naming discoveries after geography, people, and physical features.

Paleontology Challenges (05:44)

Illegal fossil trade is problematic to studies. Stone suggests cultivating friendships with dealers and farmers sympathetic to paleontology. Xing discusses counterfeiting; he advises more regulation and providing incentives to rural property owners.

Future of Paleontology (02:24)

Xing hopes to continue discovering new species by integrating other scientific fields. Stone asserts fossils must be saved before they are destroyed by rapid urbanization. Sites in the Gobi desert should be excavated quickly to prevent erosion.

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On China: Dinosaur Discovery

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China has shaken the world of paleontology to its very foundations. Over the past few decades, more dinosaurs have been discovered there than in anywhere else on earth. What’s behind the explosion of paleontological discoveries in China? And what are the unique challenges confronting paleontologists today in this fast urbanizing country? On location at Paleozoological Museum of China, Kristie Lu Stout sits down with the country’s very top dinosaur hunters and the International Editor of Science Magazine to explore the world of dinosaur expedition in China.

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