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Historical Sites (07:05)


Juan van Wassenhove describes discovering and reconstructing the Temple Hotel. Government conservation funding does not extend to rural areas. One third of the Great Wall of China has eroded; urbanization has inspired renovations, while commercializing and overcrowding culturally relevant places.

Historical Conservationism (06:11)

Wassenhove's renovation of the Temple Hotel received UNESCO's Asia Pacific Award for Cultural Heritage Conservation; saving sites comes down to private individuals. Mei Zhang credits regional governments with restoring relevant structures. Dunhuang limits tourist numbers after conducting capacity studies.

Historical Preservation (07:57)

China has 48 sites on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Mei Zhang enjoys visiting small villages to experience living heritage. Panelists discuss establishing site ownership, regulations, and utilizing technology; they are optimistic about changing attitudes.

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On China: Heritage

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China has some of the world’s most awe-inspiring heritage sites in the world, but as its economy leaps into the future, China’s cultural treasures are under threat. Incredibly, about one third of the iconic Great Wall has disappeared, due to natural erosion and human damage. And yet, there are also bold efforts underway to save China’s past. So who are the people at the forefront of China’s heritage conservation, and can they safeguard the cultural fabric that defines the country? In Beijing, CNN’s Kristie Lu Stout sits down with her guests to explore how China is trying to save its heritage and examine the challenges along the way.

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