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Debunking Stereotypes (03:54)


Kai-Fu Lee believes China's reputation for lacking innovation is outdated. Soul Htite explains how there is no culture of investment or established systems for building companies. The government is implementing policies that encourage entrepreneurship.

Financing and Creators (02:48)

China's economy is slowing; the country has plenty of capital and the same resources as the United States. Chinese tech talent is young; Andrew Ng predicts they will continue to develop as innovators and leaders.

Business Comparisons (10:44)

Ng cites differences between Baidu and Google; venture capitalists take chances on small companies, creating middle class wealth. Htite has developed in China for its massive market and unestablished competition. Schools focus on rote learning.

Predictions and Advice (04:15)

Lee believes technology will bring China out of the economic slump. Ng believes the education system should encourage innovation. Htite suggests the government create a system of incentives, and turn inventors and technology leaders into role models.

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Is innovation the cure of China's falling economy? Kristie Lu Stout finds out with her guest from the heart of China's Silicon Valley, Zhong Guan Cun.

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