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Trust Deficit (05:41)


Wias Issa describes the United States Office of Personnel Management data breech. Simon Denyer points to the handling of Edward Snowden and claims Chinese authorities discard evidence. Zha Daojiong argues that Americans have shown no evidence.

Cyber Spying (08:32)

China's hack groups seek economic advantages, while the U.S. focuses on national security intelligence. Issa describes how FireEye traces an attack; the Chinese steal intellectual property at an unprecedented rate. Denyer explains that hacking is a global security problem.

Great Cannon and Negotiations (07:29)

Cyber-attacks on GitHub and are blamed on China. Chinese authorities believe freedom of information threatens the Communist Party. Collaborative policies and collective agreements are vital to curbing internet crime.

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On China: Spy vs. Spy (U.S./China Relations)

Part of the Series : On China
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Ahead of the summit between U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping this September, Kristie LuStout takes a closer look at cyber security issues between U.S. and China, with her guests Wias Issa, Senior Director of FireEye Asia Pacific Japan, Simon Denyer, China Bureau Chief of Washington Post and Professor Zha Daojiong of Peking University.

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